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In his Vienna studio, the international artist Nigon employs an extraordinary technique to create a unique and innovative modern art form— NIGONOGRAPHY

Numerous experiments in forging a special blend of drawing and photography are at the root of this spectacular modern art form. Nigonography is the result of a symbiosis of figurative shapes, graphic illustrations and the photographic portrayal of their interaction. A meticulous graphic artist, photographer and passionate collector of analog photographic equipment, Nigon has succeeded in imbuing his technical expertise and professional experience with a touch of creative magic.

Analog photo exposition versus digital technology. The compositions feature light-sourced manual graphic drawings of people and objects suspended in dark confines. The images are captured by old style analog cameras with simple mechanical functions, while the artist creates the drawings with tools that are his own unique invention.

At no stage of the creative process did the artist employ any kind of digital technology.

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