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  Solo’s works are the captivating result of his contemporary vision of the sculptural form coupled with his uniquely classical academic background. The concepts behind his pieces cover a broad range of elements and intrinsic ideas, peppered with touches of the “unspoken”, inspiring individual interpretations to the beholder. Elements of the “unspoken” and deft mystery define his artwork, and are clearly exemplified in his sculptural and photographical works. The uniqueness of his sculptures lies not only in the conceptual thought process, but also in the artists unwavering commitment towards executing the end-to-end production himself. From developing his ideas and working on the model in soft materials, through to the casting process and finishing work in hard material, Solo remains the sole proprietor.


Born in Russia with a lineage in photography, Solo was not only endowed but clearly focused on pursuing a career in art. After completing his postgraduate studies at the Glasunov Academy of Arts, he has been engaged in numerous projects across Russia and Continental Europe. In particular, he has co-authored both international renowned and monumental projects across Austria and the CIS region. The quality of his works speak volumes of his finesse, and are typically held in private collections worldwide, most notably the Museum Angerlehner of Modern Art in Austria. Currently, Solo lives and works in Vienna.  


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