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IN series  


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The IN series is the expression of the artist’s view on the problems of contemporary society – the indifference, detachment and demise of interpersonal communication. Since the beginning of the 20th century this has become an ongoing issue, especially in the dynamic markets of today. Intrinsically, today’s dynamic environments dictate certain kinds of behaviors; suppressed by the rhythm of a metropolis people find themselves depressed, devoured by helplessness and devoid of confidence. Thus, loneliness and detachment from others have become core issues that plague contemporary society. In spite of the plethora of communication platforms that are now available, society appears more disjointed than ever, with much celebrated individualism now a source for peril, paving way to a string of parallel worlds succumbed by solitude, unable to find true connections. 


The omnipresent numbness, indifference and fatal egoism are consequently destroying relationships, making them automated, lacking true meaning. We speak, but fail to hear one another, as the ubiquitous indifference makes words futile. Solo’s works highlight the evolution of contemporary individuals’ identity in an environment of fake reality, where the IN series is a stark reminder showcasing the crisis of the modern soul. 


The sculptures are stripped of the head, thereby being impersonalized and representing the artist’s notion of the contemporary individual - his problems and character rather than as a particular individual. Simultaneously, depriving his sculptures of such a defining feature, Solo accentuates our attention to the loss of human spirituality and levered preoccupation towards materialism; the ties represent how individuals within society are increasingly bound by arduous dichotomies of the modern world. The body postures are purposely strained and appear enforced to exhibit their deprivation of their natural being, yet despite their understanding of the intrinsic issues with society, they are still inclined, either by choice of compulsion, to follow the world’s trials and tribulations. 


However, endowing his artworks with an inner strength, the artist’s endeavors to showcase hope and inspire positivity amidst the glaring gloom. The tension within the figures symbolize the inner battle raging between materialism and spirituality, which is present whether consciously or not. We can feel the resistance, the yearning for freedom from the shackles of restraint imposed by contemporary society underpinned by fictitious standards and bogus ideals. 



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