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The conceptual idea is to remind the beholder of the natural being of man. The nudity of the subjects symbolizes the renunciation of materialistic goods and the freedom of worldly faults. People often burden themselves with fictitious problems - thereby, stripping them to their natural image is a metaphor for freeing them of futile issues, restraint, and diffidence. 


The locations chosen for the shots are not unintentional, the photographs were taken in surroundings and spaces familiar to the subjects, in their home, at their workplace, at venues they feel comfortable. The postures are uninhibited and natural, their bodies "clothed" in the space surrounding them, melting into each other, becoming an integral part of it. The contrast of the naked body and the blurred faces illustrates the inner protest of man, the yearning for openness and sincerity and at the same time the enforced restraint and obligation to correspond with bogus ideals and standards of modern society.





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