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Dionis Solo


This is devoted tosuch real problems of modern society asindifference, estrangement, and the absence ofcommunication betweenpeople. Advancedindustry in the majorityof the modern countriesdictates every day rulesto the masses. Under thepressure of the megalopolis they are oppressed,lost and desperatelyunsure of themselves.

Loneliness is the mainmarker of society today,and insensitiveness,indifference and egoismnullify human relations,often automating themand depriving them ofmeaning. The authoranalyzes how personalityof the modern individualdevelops in an artificiallycreated reality, observingthe crisis of the humansoul.

All figures in theseries are deprived of the head – they are conditionally depersonalized.This method symbolizesabsence, isolation andagain loneliness. Theartist indicates to us thatthe person has lost spirituality and cares onlyfor material satisfactionin the life. The sculptures are connected aspeople are connected bya rigid framework of themodern world. Their poses are unnatural because the person is deprived of a natural essence.Understanding problemsof the arrangement ofthe world, it stubbornlyfollows the tendencies ofits development.

At thesame time, the feeling ofthe challenging strugglebetween the materialand spiritual componentinside the person, theconflict between twoabsolutely antitheticalthings, gives us hope, pointing to a way outand fills the work withan internal power andtension. We observe resistance, aspiration to freedom, desire to be exempted from isolation, imaginary standards and pseudo-ideals that areimposed and created by modern society.

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